Our Blockchain, completely built in-house without exploiting any pre-existing framework, is created mainly for purposes related to security and telecommunications, although it is also particularly suitable for financial circuits given its high speed and high compatibility with other established active systems of token generation. Our blockchain doesn't need the initial phase oh "mining", since tokens are preconfigured. Other blockchains usually must:

In other words, other blockchains have to implement cryptography on every peer. Which is something accessible for the first few blocks, but as the number of blocks increases, it turns out to be an extremely time consuming and energy consuming process. Moreover, with our BC we can generate both "open ecosystems" and "closed ecosystems". Our technology is DLT (Decentralise Ledger Technology), which means that it is based on a decentralised ledger that is also distributed. The decentralised ledger allows the master nodes to perform calculations per single region of the ecosystem, another aspect that favours the speed of calculation and coin/token generation. Instead, thanks to the immediate response time of our blockchain, it is possible to exchange our tokens for financial assets, making our cryptocurrencies real leverage. In addition, our blockchain has been built in such a way that it can be hooked up to all Exchange APIs currently on the market.

A sustainable blockchain

Our framework is more compact than the others, thus ensuring a low impact on the infrastructure and the possibility to generate a large number of tokens. As already mentioned, it is possible to link our APIs to those of other cryptographic currencies such as ETHEREUM, BITCOIN, LITECOIN, MONERO, etc., ensuring the possibility to exchange the cryptocurrencies created with our blockchain with other cryptocurrencies.

Global compatibility

It is compatible with ERC and Bitcoin standards and it has smart contract capability. Finally, it is capable of issuing asset tokens, utility tokens and security tokens. The latter can also be used as replacement of the Escrow for Bitcoins.

Quick response time

Our Blockchain, as the main BCs on the market, provides a Proof of Work and a Proof of Stake. Moreover, it is characterized by the possibility to provide an additional control, verification and security system- or proof of history- thanks to our technicians' creation of this particular proprietary consensus algorithm known as "proof of history". This element increases the speed of coin generation, reducing transaction time to a few seconds. This leads to the second advantage of our blockchain: an impressive reduction in response time. While other ETHEREUM or RIPPLE-based blockchains base their response time on the framework itself, our blockchain response time depends solely on the infrastructure.

Compatibility with banking and financial circuits

In addition to the aspects of technological superiority over other products, our product offers a truly significant advantage in commercial terms: the possibility of accessing the world of banking and finance. In fact, the traditional mistrust of financial operators on cryptocurrencies is based on the already mentioned excessive expansion of response times in token generation, which hinders the possibility of operating with cryptocurrencies on the financial market.